Questões Frequentes

1 – What is the COVOICE-19 project?

The COVOICE-19 project's mission is to develop models based on Artificial Intelligence, more precisely Machine Learning, to support activities in clinical contexts for rapid diagnosis and prognosis in suspected or detected cases of COVID-19, respectively. For more information, see the About section in the Homepage.

2 – Does the COVOICE-19 web application provide any kind of medical diagnosis?

No. This web application only collects data, by submitting a form, for scientific research purposes within the COVOICE-19 project, not offering any diagnosis or medical advice.

3 – What is the form for?

Submitting the form of this web application will allow the collection of data (voice recording and structured data in the form of a questionnaire) on a voluntary basis by the general population. These data are anonymous and will be used exclusively for scientific research purposes.

4 - Who can submit the form?

Any individual over the age of 20 years.

5 - Can only individuals positively tested to COVID-19 submit the form?

No. Our aim is to investigate as much data as possible from individuals tested positive or negative for COVID-19, with or without symptoms. Patients who have already recovered from the disease are also welcome to submit the form.

6 - How is my data protected?

The COVOICE-19 team ensures the best practices to protect your data. The data are encrypted, stored on the servers of NOVA University of Lisbon and used exclusively for scientific research purposes. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

8 - Will the COVOICE-19 project data be made publicly available?

The COVOICE-19 project aims to create subsets of anonymous data that will be made available for scientific research purposes. The objective is to ensure that the investigation in COVOICE-19 is reproducible and can contribute to scientific advancement in the area.

10 - How can I follow the progress of the COVOICE-19 project?

To follow our progress, check out the News section. The COVOICE-19 team will keep this section updated, whenever possible, with information and results of our scientific research. Remember that the speed of results will depend on the availability of data by the public.